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Grill restaurant Brakkeput Mei Mei: a restaurant on the front terrace of the historical plantation house Brakkeput Mei Mei. 

Under the stars, you can enjoy fish and meat specialties from the grill accompanied by delicious salads from the famous salad.

Every Monday: Free salsa lesson

Every Monday: Free salsa lesson

Every Monday you can enjoy a free Salsa lesson after your dinner.

Around 9.15 PM the lesson starts at the Back Terrace of the plantation house. 

In 45 minutes teacher Heinrich Provence will introduce you to the world of Salsa, by teaching you the basic steps. No talent & experience needed! Lot's of laughter & fun guarenteed.


Every Wednesday: Paella night

Every Wednesday: Paella night

This delicious Spanish dish with seafood, chicken & chorizo has been a menu favoriate for over ten years!

Single plate for Nafl. 37,50 or served in a traditional Paella pan for two for Nafl. 69,50.

Classic red or refreshing white Sangria.

Glass Nafl. 12.50  1/2 carafe Nafl. 32,50  carafe Nafl. 47.50

Every Thursday: Lobster Night

Every Thursday: Lobster Night

Enjoy a grilled lobster tail for: Nafl. 90,-

Or "Lobster tail Thermidor":

Lobster shell with cooked lobster meat in a creamy white wine sauce, topped with an oven-browned Parmesan cheese crust for Nafl. 97,50.

Every Friday: Whole Red Snapper

Every Friday: Whole Red Snapper

Freshly caught by local fisherman. Pan Fried.

Nafl. 45,- (including a trip to the saladbar & one side dish).

Every Sunday: Big

Every Sunday: Big "S" Steak

We dare you to finish this 40oz (1 KG) steak!

Receive the Mei Mei medal if you finish the big S steak..... all by yourself!

Nafl. 100,- including a trip to the saladbar & one side dish.

Celebrate your birtday @ Mei Mei!

Celebrate your birtday @ Mei Mei!

Almost your birthday?! Celebrate it at Mei Mei! We always make birthdays a lot of fun in the restaurant because:

- The main course for the person who celebrates his/her birthday is free!* (With a minimum of 4 diners, up to a maximum of 50, -)

- If the person who celebrates his/her birtday orders a dessert, it is served with a sparkling 'firework' candle and you are serenaded to by the waiters!

Make your reservation now and do not forget to let us know you are celebrating a birthday.

Have a happy birthday!

Our menu

All main dishes include a trip to the salad bar and your choice of;

French fries, baked potato, fried yucca, rice or steamed fresh vegetables.

  • Bar Bites

  • Starters

  • Main dishes

  • Vegetarian

  • Desserts

  • Kids

Bread with garlic butter

Nafl. 7.00

BBQ chicken wings

Nafl. 12.00

Arepita's with cheese (5 pc)

Nafl. 17.50

Chorizos (2 pc)

Nafl. 17.50

Platter with mixed grilled meat served with yucca & fries (2 pers.)

Nafl. 24.50

Seviche of red snapper

Nafl. 17.50

Garlic mushrooms on toast

Nafl. 15.75

Escabeche of seafood & fish

Nafl. 17.50

Shrimp cocktail

Nafl. 22.50

Garlic shrimp

Nafl. 24.50

Prosciutto with melon

Nafl. 17.50

Seafood soup

Nafl. 22.50

Soup of the day

Nafl. 15.00

Dradu fillet

Nafl. 35.50

Salmon fillet

Nafl. 42.50

Grilled shrimps

Nafl. 45.00

Red snapper fillet


Beef tenderloin steak

Nafl. 49.50

Rib-eye steak

Nafl. 49.50

Grilled sirloin steak

Nafl. 62.50

T-bone steak

Nafl. 69.50

Brochette of beef tenderloin

Nafl. 47.50

Brochette of chicken

Nafl. 32.50

Grilled chicken breast

Nafl. 35.00

Grilled lamb chops

Nafl. 69.50

Grilled spare ribs

Nafl. 42.50

Mixed grill

Nafl. 49.75

Spiced tofu stir-fry

Nafl. 35.00

Mushroom pasta Alfredo

Nafl. 34.50

Quesillo (Latin flan)

Nafl. 9.50

Cheese cake

Nafl. 17.50

Bien Me Sabe

Nafl. 12.50

Tres Leches

Nafl. 12.50


Nafl. 12.50

Oreo chocolate mousse

Nafl. 12.50

Fresh fruit salad

Nafl. 8.75

Assorted ice-cream

Nafl. 14.25


Nafl. 10.50

Frikandel (Dutch sausage)

Nafl. 9.50

Chicken filet

Nafl. 12.50

Beef steak

Nafl. 17.50

Fish filet

Nafl. 16.50


Nafl. 14.50

Chicken nuggets

Nafl. 10.50

Pasta Bolognese

Nafl. 12.50

Children's ice cream (1 scoop)

Nafl. 4.50